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We help our customers to offer a complete assortment of sustainable, safe and healthy fruit, vegetables, coffee and cardamom, from Guatemala.

About us

High quality product from Guatemala

Through our products we provide:
  • Packaging, best quality, premium and certified products produced in Guatemala.
  • Respect for traditional agriculture, support to our farm growers for innovation to ensure a sustainable farming, safe and accessible for all our consumers.

Food safety, sustainability, innovation and quality have a high priority in all of Phuket Fresh's activities.

Since our founding 11 years ago, we have always established a strong partnership with premium producers in Guatemala, which has given us the opportunity to supply importers around the world.
Phuket Fresh’s core business is to provide a full range of ready to eat products; frozen vegetables and fruits, smoothie mixes, as well as premium coffee and cardamom from Guatemala to supermarket chains, wholesale business, catering companies, industrial processing companies, duty free and importers around the world.

Our mission is

To be a world-class provider of high quality vegetables, fruits, coffee and cardamom; we strive to translate our competitive advantages: our growers, our relationships, our quality, into value for our customers; delivering solutions that meet or exceed expectations.

Our Products

Frozen Fruits

Frozen Organic
Frozen Vegetables
Smoothie Mixes


Our products are subject to a serious food safety regulation at all times, to embrace the trust of our customers with our ready-to-use product.


Customers benefit from our Guatemala’s best growers acquiring consistent premium-quality fresh vegetables and fruits.


We provide packaging options to our customer with specific needs, including private labeling. All of our products come from reputable growers that have a series of certifications in place, aiming to maintain the best quality in our products, making Phuket Fresh a company you can trust.

All of our products are certified to ensure the best quality to our consumers

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